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Please Be Truthful..

                    But A Little Humur Will Not Hurt.

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1)   * What Is Your Fondest Memory Of CMA?

Can you remember when you 1st arrived, when you were told you were 1st going to military school?
2)   * Who Was You Favorite Teacher /Staff Member at CMA & Why?

3)   * Where Did You Spend Most Most Of Your Time At CMA?

Where, What, & Why
4)   * Who Inspired/Impressed You the Most, And Why?

5)   * Which CMA Officer Returned You First Salute?

6)   * Was Your Roommate A Good Housekeeper/ What About Your Roommate Irritated You The Most?

7)   * Do You Remember Any of the Cafeteria / Maintenance Staff? Who/Why?

8)   * What Was Your Favorite Activity At CMA, And Why?

Drill, Classes, Sports, Extracurricular, Walking Squad?
9)   * Funniest Memory You Took Home From CMA?

10)   * What Did You Do When You Went Downtown To Maxton?

11)   * Did You Ever Go AWOL?

12)   Would You Send Your Son/Daughter To A Military School Based on your experience At CMA?

This survey ended on 10/15/2022.