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Residing In: Austin, TX USA
Occupation: retired
Class Year 1967
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9th grade

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Surfing The WEB

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I thank my stars that I was sent away from home to attend CMA. That one fateful year changed me in so many ways. I remember one teacher in particular whose words of support were to help me for years afterward—actually, to this very day. Amazing what a little kind support can do for a young man in need of a supportive male role model. That teacher was James Howell, who was also an amazing teacher of English. He took us on a field trip to Charlotte to see Rudolph Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn in the movie-ballet of “Romeo and Juliet”, which Shakespeare play we read in 9th grade among other great readings and books he chose for us.

And then there was Captain Taylor who inspired me in mathematics. He also had his own version of a ‘fast ball’ where he threw a chalky eraser at any cadet who dozed off in Algebra class. There is nothing like being awoken from a dream by a cloud of chalk dust blooming around your head.

I also I remember the camaraderie of my friends: Brian Hovey, Art Whitehill, Bob Farrish (deceased), Shorty (David Putnam), Gambel, Henderson, John Lilly, Parker, and of course, David Fesperman, who rode his motorcycle alongside mine in the summer of 1969 as we toured the U.S. on our 60’s odyssey. There are other cadets in my memory whose names escape me now but I do remember them vividly. I also remember how some of us cadets would ‘gang up’ on other, less fortunate, cadets and tease them. I really hope that those whom we teased ended up having a good life despite the “Lord of the Flies” ordeal we put them through.

My CMA cadet friend, David Fesperman, and I rode around the country on our motorcycles in the summer of 1969. It was that trip where I found a copy of "Revolution for the Hell of It" by Abby Hoffman which inspired me to help create an underground high school paper at Bellaire High School in Houston in my senior year; and I wouldn't have gone on that trip if it hadn't been for David and I wouldn't have had those amazing experiences later in Houston if we hadn't taken that trip. Forty-plus years later, David lived with me for a while in 2011 in Ashland, Oregon where I helped him completely get rid of his lung cancer. We used--in addition to chemo and radiation--the protocols in Dr Blaylock's book, Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients, and now MRI shows no cancer whatsoever, even though his doctors only gave him two years to live.

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1967.  We called everyone by their last names so he was Parker.

He was so funny and made us laugh a lot.  He had WWII memorabilia in his trunk—US military stuff, German military stuff--and he would wear these things—helmet, medals, maybe a real uniform-- and parade around acting out funny scenes, saluting, marching, barking out orders and, well….whatever would come into his creative mind.  He cracked us up in laughter.

I wish I had stayed in contact with him.  I took a handful of pictures of guys in the dorm and Parker is in a couple of them.

I’m smiling now just remembering his antics.   Great times…great memories.

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