After Action Report


After Action Report


The excerts below represent CMA cadets & faculty thoughts on The CMA Memorial Dedication Ceremony of 27 October 2012. If you would like to have your words and thoughts placed on this page please email them to Randy Jennings at


I am one of Mike Campbell sisters. I attended the memorial today in Maxton and want to personally thank each and everyone for sharing this wonderful tribute to the former CMA cadets that lost their lives in Viet Nam.This was a most bitter sweet day for me as I am sure it was for most of those there. I enjoyed meeting so many friends of my brother, Mike's, and hearing their stories of times spent with him. Mike was like my twin. He was only 16 months older than I. He was my closest friend and confidant. His absence in my life still hurts even after 44 years! Thank you for giving my sisters and me the opportunity to be there and share this wonderful event.

Anne Campbell Mangum
Greenville, SC



We really had a good time and the dedication could not have been any more meaningful. Your hard work and Frank's was very evident and you are certainly appreciated. We are looking forward to May. Thank you so much!

Don & Missy Campbell



    I was viewing for the first time the photos from our recent reunion. Those pictures of the audience during the monument dedication were very somber and reflective. This monument is close to my heart.
It is my hope that over time the monument and the bricks around it will grow in meaning to the alumni who visit. The time and trouble that you, I, and a few others went to will alwys be a testament to our love for this school and those who were a part of it.

Frank Lea


Hi Randy,

Margaret Humbert is my sister, making Cal Humbert my brother-in-law, of course.

I have been following all the CMA activities vicariously through them for a long time and feel as if I know you.  They speak of you often.  All good, naturally.

Tonight, Margaret called and directed me to the website, and I had a chance to see not only the impressive ceremony you arranged, but the equally impressive website. 

I felt almost as if I were there.  In short, it was awesome!
As we "walked" through some of the rest of the website, I asked Margaret what you did for a living, and when she told me, I said no wonder, this was clearly done by a professional.

I have often marveled to Cal at the depth of commitment and  camraderie that had developed among your group, given what amounts to little more than a fleeting moment in a lifetime.  I suppose you are as fine an example as any of the calibre of young men who were part of the CMA experience, and can't help but note how lucky they are that you have donated your time and talents to so wonderfully preserve and share that with others. 

So kudos to you!  And thanks for such a great trip down (a new) 

Memory Lane. 

Helen Murray

P.S.  A belated Happy Birthday, Margaret was at our mother's yesterday and didn't get to send you a card.  My birthday is Monday, yep, 1945, too, so you beat me into the world by 3 days. 
Thanks again, Helen



Hello Everyone

I wish to thank and congratulate Cadet Frank Lea for the success of the dedication program of the new CMA Memorial Monument.  I think that my expectations as well as all in attendance were greatly exceeded.  Your dedication to CMA, it's faculty and staff by the donation of this memorial will ensure the legacy of Carolina Military Academy will live on in the hearts and minds of all of our cadets, faculty, and staff, as well as all CMA family members of our alumni.

The dedication to our lost comrades will serve as a reminder that our alumni association will never forget the dedication and sacrifice made by our brothers in the fight for freedom, it will also ensure that all cadets of Carolina Military Academy will continue to take pride in the excellence instilled upon them by it's founder and a caring and knowledgable faculty and staff.

I am very proud to have been involved in this project along with the fine men and women who joined together to make it a success.


Randy Jennings



Frank & JoAnn,

It was good to see you yesterday! Always enjoy getting to be with you! Wow!! What a perfectly first class presentation yesterday!!! Such attention to detail! It was just perfect!!!!

The bulletin, the flags, the bugle, the Color Guard, the JrROTC, the CMA uniform, the monument!!!! Al extremely well thought out!! It was all most impressive!!!! We so enjoyed it all!!! What a wonderful idea and so very well carried out! Great gift!! Am sure there were many untold hours of work. Many thanks!!!

Richard & Nancy McGhee



You are a good man, Randy.  I know you all worked very hard to coordinate and integrate the surround in with the monument and both complemented each other extremely well.......  your comments at the luncheon were appropriate...... everything was first class.  Kudos all around ole boy!

Scott Blankinship